I opened a wiki page on God and it was too formal (ew). Everyone feels and sees God differently. Maybe you fear God (stop doing dirty things G), maybe you ignore or refuse to acknowledge his existence. You might be angry at him. Why do bad things happen? Why do people suffer? Perhaps you love him deeply. You gaze in awe at everything he has created. I mean have you seen how cute kittens and puppies are? WOW!

Monotheist religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) believe that God is a single entity which means that there is one God, and many roads lead to him. It’s strange how we have quarrels with other religions when we all share our love for God. Even in one religion, there are sects and sects sometimes fight each other. I see God as a friend who loves me unconditionally. He never takes anything from me, nor does he want to. He is infinitely patient, we mess up, we hurt people and in the end say that it’s his doing. I know that he tells me not to do some things in his books for my own good, and I can choose to not listen to him if I don’t want to because he gave me free will. He never leaves my side even when I say bad stuff about him. I believe that it’s unfair to ask why God doesn’t stop all the bad in the world because he gave us free will. We choose to do wrong. Everyone knows stealing is wrong; we will justify it if we’re desperate. Don’t justify your OnlyFans addiction cuz you don’t need that.

That’s my perception of God. Tell me how you see him. Will you invite him to your marriage? Is he a member of your book club? Is he gangsta? Kendrick Lamar thinks he is. I’ve never heard the song lmeow I might check it out someday 🙂

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