Making an Effective Routine!

In hopes of having a good productive routine, I was looking at Benjamin Franklin’s routine. It looked pretty cool, like he had a time for reading, eating, and fun! I wonder what fun he had I mean he didn’t have internet (you know what I mean heh heh). Other than that he worked 8 hours (he did two 4 hour sessions).

It sounds pretty nice for a high school student. I’d do my 4 hours in school (which included my time in class), spend time with friends, go home and study for 4 hours. I never committed to it though. Benjamin and I don’t live the same life and we’re very different people. What works for him is not bound to work for you and ya boi here, and what works for you is not bound to work for ya boi. I won’t tell you what my routine is because it’s not going to work out for you. You have to see what you do everyday and how much time you spend on what you do. Go to google calendar and write what your current routine is if you have one. If you don’t then just write what you already do – be honest, or don’t… I’m not your dad. Look where you’re free, look where you want to reduce your time (maybe you’re too obsessed with OnlyFans and you should spend less time there), then write what you want to add in your day. EZPZ Lemon squeezy bing bang boom boom!

Anyway, maybe you’re not a routine person and you just like to wing it. One problem to winging it is that there is possibility of time being wasted. A dear friend of mine said that when he’s studying his goal is to just finish the thing. If he gives himself a time-frame, he can be more fast. That’s the benefit of having a routine because you’re also saving a lot of time. My cat was covering my screen and inspecting my breakfast while I was writing.

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