Approach Hard Things Differently

Waking up early is painful 😦

Ya know I’d exercise but I get sore 😦

So I was watching a YouTube video in which a guy is talking about his routine, and when he was talking about waking up early, he said that he sees it as a practice of resilience. Ever since my sleep routine went down the drain, I have been fruitlessly trying to recover. Writing fruitlessly makes me want some juicy fruit. Anyway, I realized that I have been looking at it the wrong way.

Instead of waking up early thinking “now what?” and going back to sleep, I should think of it as a practice of resilience. Comfort isn’t going to get me anywhere. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have anything to do or if I’m too tired to do anything in the morning; I have to wake up no matter what. It’s fine if it’s uncomfortable. Peeing after holding it in for a long time is really satisfying (don’t do that for no reason!)

Look at hard things as an opportunity to improving yourself. It’s not like we don’t ever adjust, it just takes time and it’s worth it. So I’ll start waking up early and check some OnlyFans accounts without getting caught heh heh.

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