If Something Is Good For You, Just Do It

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I should do my homework or else my teacher will start moaning…

not the good kind of moans

I mean we all want to relax and have a good time, and we can do that for a price. Don’t exercise and you’ll get tired easily. Don’t work and you’ll be penniless. Don’t study and you won’t pass your test. Don’t go outside without a mask or you might get sick for realzies. Seriously dude, save yourself.

“If something is good for you, just do it without thinking.” I said to my brother (from another mother) on call, and it resonated with both of us. When we’re trying to start something like a healthier diet, an exercise plan, a new routine or anything that is good for us, we procrastinate and overthink because it’s out of our comfort zone. The trick is to not think about it. You work to do? Time to start. Leave whatever you’re currently doing and start working without thinking. It’s like checking your phone for messages; you don’t really think about it when you do it.

By allowing yourself to think about actions that you know for a fact are beneficial for you but they’re boring or hard, you will most likely put them aside for another day or another hour which you know will not come. If you can’t help yourself then think about the long term benefits. Studying will help you get ahead in your career, and exercising will make your physique look šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ

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