I Stopped Caring About What Others Think/Say About Me

In 8th grade, my science teacher came to me and asked me to show her my monthly test result. I scored pretty good in everything except science. I failed science and she said that I’m a cheater and that I should have failed all of my tests. Obviously science is for nerds and I’m not a nerd, but hearing that I should’ve failed all of the tests really hurt me. I’ve always cared about what people said and thought of me until I stopped.

Overtime I realized that my respect will not shatter just because people say bad stuff about me or make fun of me. Now if someone like your mom tells you that you’re too fussy or your fans tell you your OnlyFans is trash, do listen to them because they’re want you to improve. If someone tells you to shut up for no reason or calls you useless even though you’re objectively not (like you help around the house and your family still says you don’t help), then you know that person (whoever it is) is being a poopoo hole .

What they say doesn’t matter because in the end, you know who you are and shit talk will never change that, so why bother caring about it? All that does is make you sad and/or angry. Also, never be afraid to walk out if it’s too much๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ

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