Skipping Days With Work Is Not A Bad Thing


A Homie

So a dear friend of mine advised that even if I like to do something like making videos or writing blogs, I should take breaks or else I’ll get tired of it. It’s not a good long term strategy. Obviously I didn’t listen I mean… I don’t listen to anybody and turns out she was right. Please don’t take offense to this G, I thought I could manage SMH.

My problem was that I felt that taking a day or two off of YouTube is a bad thing. Even though I got really tired of narrating stories, I still made them. This consequently stopped my creative growth; all I did was read a story, record a short intro and upload it without any effort. After I stopped, my creativity started to come back to me and as I’m writing, I am getting ideas on how I can make better content! This shows how skipping days in your creative work is not a bad thing. Obviously I’m not suggesting that you should slack off like a fat cat. We can also apply this to making habits like exercising. You can take a day off here and there if you’re sore because you’ll probably feel worse if you don’t take breaks (that doesn’t mean you won’t adjust if you won’t take breaks. It’ll only be harder and painful for you).

So don’t be like me and listen to honest advice that came from experience, or do be like me and have something to write about :p. My creativity got exhausted and it needed to rest like a drunk baby. Let me know what your take is on taking breaks. Is it bad or is it good?

Also I’d recommend a movie but I don’t have anything that is linked with the topic smh don’t fight me. Dude seriously stop squeezing my hand. DUDE STOP IT HURTS OW!

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