Being Critical Of Yourself (Good, But Not Enough)

I’m too lazy to go to the kitchen, I should be more active.

-Lazy peep

I ought to start an OnlyFans, but I don’t take care of myself. My skin is dry!

My final OnlyFans joke 🙂

The two people above know what’s wrong with them, and that is a great thing! Unfortunately for them, it’s just not enough. It is important to know what’s wrong with you before you do something about yourself. You obviously can’t improve your grades if you think you study a lot even though all you do is go through some notes. You can’t get good at playing Dark Souls if you’re a casual.

When we finally acknowledge our flaws, we have to move to the next stage which is taking action. Without action, you’re nothing but an observer of your life. You know what’s wrong with you but you’re too lazy to change yourself, and that’s going to take you nowhere. Taking action is not easy because we always overestimate ourselves. We need to be realistic, we need to lower our expectations even though it’s embarrassing. I can’t do what those calisthenics people do on YouTube right away, I need to start with the basics.

We are going to set small goals for ourselves; go big or go home doesn’t work every time, you need strong will for that. I have started exercising again because I feel lethargic all the time, and in order to keep exercising I work out enough to be consistent. Going all out in the beginning will only make it hard for me to be consistent. So start small, be regular and you’ll get to where you want to get to 🙂

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