My Journey to Becoming Confident

So you want to start your OnlyFans account but you’re shy. You don’t want to do anything else either… now what? It takes action to have that level of confidence. Nobody is born confident. Everything is developed either consciously or unconsciously (like singing in the bathroom for years; you have a good voice but you think you don’t).

I participated in my first morning assembly in 6th grade which was not that hard for me because I didn’t need to do much. The nerds did most of the work like compering and whatever else you do in the assembly. At most I had to say one line in a small skit. After that in 8th grade I was in a Shakespeare play (A Forty-Minute King Lear). Play never came to life; practicing it in front of teachers was very uncomfortable for me, but I forced myself because it was the only fun thing in that school. When I changed schools in 8th grade, I had the chance to host an assembly. I took the chance without realizing how scary it is to stand in front of hundreds of students. I pulled through because I wanted to become confident. After that I had to translate Arabic in this thing where parents also showed up. I deadass let out a few drops of pee just because I had to read a few lines in English. In the two debate competitions I participated in, I felt as if I would pass out from all the stress I took while waiting for my turn. I’ve always hosted my class’s assemblies from 8th grade till 11th grade, and it’s always been less and less uncomfortable for me. I went to an MUN to be able to talk to strangers, and I met one of my best friends that way. Also this allowed me to make tons of amazing friends in school (love all of you). Presently, I still get uncomfortable before doing something in public, but when I start, I feel calmer and everything feels fine.

To keep the post short, I didn’t tell every single activity I took part in. The point is that I took initiative. I willingly did things that made me extremely nervous (I mean you read that I pissed myself one time), and every time I did something new I became less and less uncomfortable. Push yourself, don’t overthink, you’re limitless. I hope my journey inspires you ❤

Film Recommendation: Catch Me If You Can (kinda shows you how confidence helped Frank junior)

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