You’re A Poor Judge Of Your Work

So you made an OnlyFans account (for shame?) but you think you’re bad at taking your photos. Now you can’t show your friends or family to ask them how the photos are, so you decide to roll with them. Surprisingly, people are into those photos. You didn’t like them, but your fans did…

I made a book review for my YouTube channel which I still don’t like. For some reason my friends like it. Also it’s the first time I ever reviewed something. It’s not bad that I find my work to be lacking something because it allows me to do better next time. But it also prevented me from uploading the review, and it wouldn’t be on my channel if I wasn’t constantly told to upload it. I’m glad I uploaded it because now it’s off my chest, and my next review will be better than this one.

Our audience might like the work that we as creators were not impressed by. In case they don’t, they’ll let us know what they dislike and in turn we’ll make additions/deductions next time! So don’t overthink, just roll with it, you’ll thank yourself later. Lemme know what your thoughts are ❤

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