Acknowledge Your Uniqueness

Say you really like watching slime videos on YouTube made by this one guy, and you got some sick video ideas yourself. Maybe the ideas you got are from different videos, but you want this specific person to make those videos. I won’t call you weird for watching slime videos, don’t worry. Copying other people’s work doesn’t matter. My chairman in an MUN (Model United Nations) said he would steal arguments from others and he won.

So if you want to get into content creating, don’t worry about other people doing the same thing, because you’re different from them. You have your own way of making your content, and there is an audience for that. Be yourself, you’re unique. There are a lot of horror writers on Reddit and they all have a different style or story telling, I may like writers that you don’t and vice versa. Point is that there is an audience for everyone’s content. Every kind of content has its creators and all of them are unique. We like some, and we don’t like others even if they make the same content. Also, a lot of companies make shower products and we all have our own choice.

Don’t hesitate from making something because other people have already done it. Understand that people consume your content because they prefer hearing and seeing you over others. If you wanna teach math online, or make slime videos (no pressure) go ahead! People will watch you ❤

Today’s piece is inspired by my friend:

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