Calm Down, Drink Some Milk

It’s not about controlling your emotions (sadness, anger, frustration, panic, etc.), it’s about not feeling them in the first place. My family says I’m weird because I don’t panic during an earthquake, I say panic reduces your chances of surviving if shit hits the fan (not literally). As someone who has always had issues with anger, it’s quite surprising to see how calm I am now. Today’s piece will have more emphasis on anger because of how hard it is to not get angry.

We need to realize that other people’s words really don’t matter. I mean, getting called a retard won’t really make you one, so why care? Obviously this is easier said than done, but is worth the effort. Being loud and vulgar never helps, it makes you look bad and repulsive and the situation you’re in will not be solved either.

To start, choose your words carefully to handle the given situation without creating any conflict. Realize that you know who you are, and it really does not matter what people think of you. We also get angry because of someone’s mistake. Instead of forgiving the person (can be your child, friend, parent, etc.), we make a whole scene out of it which in turn will worsen our relationship with that person. When you lose something, you’ll save a lot of time searching for it calmly instead of throwing things and yelling out of frustration.

Although some of us are naturally angry (like me), I do believe that we have to do our best to lessen our suffering and of those who live with us. This way you won’t care if your friends takes your food from you. Also, cool people like Dumbledore are almost always calm which in turn helps them assess situations better 🙂

Movie Recommendation: There Was A Crooked Man (1970)

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