No Point In Comparing Yourself To Others

Seeing everyone in the gym lifting big numbers while you have just started out will probably turn you off of exercising. Seeing how good your friends are in math or whatever will make you feel bad about yourself. This feeling does not make you study math harder or go to the gym everyday. In my case, it doesn’t let me practice spells I learn from charms class.

You’re not your friend, your parent and I’m not Hermione Granger. Also, nobody is born good at something, every one has to work to be good. Hermione studies a lot more than I do, that’s why she’s better than me. Gym people have been exercising for a lot longer than a beginner.

Now if I don’t pay mind to the ripped people in the gym, and start lifting small. Next week, I’ll lift more and after a while I’ll be able to lift big numbers. If I start studying a little bit today, I’ll be able to increase my time in a few days which in turn will allow me to study a lot without getting distracted. So to start, how about you write down how you currently are and what you will do tomorrow. Make yourself a promise that you will do the thing you wrote down everyday. Now you’re better than your yesterday self!

Movie: Limitless

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