How My Work Affected My Relationships

This post is inspired by everyone who received the link privately.

After my birthday, some good friends reached out to me and I wanted to stay in touch with them. Now I usually don’t know what to talk about with my friends. I can’t talk with them, but I can’t not talk with them either. So what did I do, knock on their doors with a Mariachi band? Of course not. I sent them my YouTube videos and Blog posts…

I know it sounds very selfish, it’s not (pinky promise). You see, sharing my work allows me to start a meaningful conversation, and from that I can branch out to other things to talk about too. Hitting someone up and asking them how they are and how their day is going over and over is bound to become monotonous. I want to have conversations that my friend and I will always remember.

And its nice to have friends share their work with me too! If you’re not in the creative field, you can still share other things like songs and ask for a review, that’s basically how I started listening to K-Pop. Now there are many ways for you to reach out to your friends and start a conversation 🙂

Movie: Rebel Without A Cause (1955)

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