I Want My Choice!

16 August, 2020

My son wants to become an astronaut, but I will force him to become a doctor. He is forbidden from being something else (because docs are rich). Does this sound familiar? Maybe your parents do that or your friends’ parents. I’m not a parent by the way. The problem with this is that the child loses his capability of finding his ambition.

This is infernally selfish, and it can lead to consequences. What if the child grows up to hate his parents for making him do a job that he has no interest in? There will be no growth in the person’s career because he is uninterested and maybe your child loses the job for being bad at it. All that money spent on an expensive degree will essentially go to waste. There’s also the possibility of him not graduating. His soul’s been amputated, and there is no prosthetic for that.

Now if children are allowed to find out what they want to do, they will grow in their career. Most importantly, they will be happy, hardworking, and they will have a different level of respect for their parents. The parents will get to see a happy person too.

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